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True Love: more than a feeling

Current special exhibit in the BARNIM PANORAMA from 11th of April, 2019 until 22nd of September, 2019

Ilsedore and Rudi Hahn were the photographers for Wandlitz and the surrounding area; For coming-of-age celebrations, graduation ceremonies, birthdays or fire department parties, the Hahns made everyone look good.

Their skills were particularly important and sought after for weddings and wedding anniversaries. They captured freshly-wed couples and anniversaries, and even a few diamond wedding anniversaries. The Hahns were there as photographers for dozens of newlyweds throughout the entire history of the GDR – in summer and winter, in carriages and on bicycles.

The Hahns’ legacy is the basis of the Barnim Panorama’s new special exhibition. This exhibition displays wedding photos going back a century, while the newest photos are only a few months old. Love - or perhaps reason - were mostly a simple beginning point for that which was to come: the foundation and furnishing of each couple’s own household and the beginning of their family, as well as the integration of bride or groom into their new home. This is where the mementos from the marriage, such as typical Brandenburg “Kastenbilder” - often elaborately framed bridal wreaths - were prominently placed in the parlor. Ideally, the new home offered a place for love, protection, and comfort. This feeling is not limited to house and garden, but is also found in the surrounding region and its social currents: a love of the region.

Modern marriage documents are displayed alongside the paperwork and objects of marriages from long ago, and all of them show the transition into the new status of a married person.

The Barnim Panorama is proud to present the “marriage armoire” (German: “Hochzeitsschrank”) from 1782 once more, which was restored with the financial support of the Förderverein Agrarmuseum Wandlitz e.V. Various speakers, whose jobs often involve them with marriage preparation, will talk about the topic of love, and Wandlitz students will present their own personal ideas on true love.

The exhibition invites visitors to join in. Through this exhibition you are given the opportunity to reflect upon your own relationship with the various forms of love - be it as a game, as a romantic ideal, or as failure. You are welcome to take a look at the large walk-on-able map which shows the locations of all Barnimer civil registry offices. There is even room here for declarations of love, proposals, memories, or a romantic rendezvous. The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without a specially set-up photo corner, where everyone can take memorable pictures of their own personal impressions of true love, take them home with them, or even send them out into the world.

Open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 o’clock, closed Fridays


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